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Homelessness Fair

Jani Leinonen and Riiko Sakkinen are the curators of Homelessness Fair – Taju 2013 exhibition held in Hyvinkää this summer.

Since 1998, the Hyvinkää Artists’ Society has organised a modern art event called Taju in Hyvinkää. Since 2004, the Taju events have been organised in cooperation with the Hyvinkää Art Museum. The Homelessness Fair being organised next summer is the 13th Taju event, and it introduces a whole new exhibition concept to the Finnish art scene.

Leinonen and Sakkinen have invited different civic organisations that deal with homelessness, social institutions and other active parties in the field to take part in the exhibition. The context is art, which at its best is a meeting place of different approaches and viewpoints.

The Homelessness Fair is an antithesis to the Housing Fair that is held in Hyvinkää 12.7. – 11.8.2013. The Housing Fair focuses on housing technology, environmental issues and the stylishness of interior decoration without problematising the societal and social dimensions of homelessness. In other words, The Homelessness Fair is a forum which creates discussion about what homelessness is and how it is defined.

The Homelessness Fair has exhibitions at the Hyvinkää Art Museum, the Artists’ Society’s Promenadigalleria and in urban spaces.