Tony is Back! presents Jani Leinonen’s first video works consisting of a series of commercial-like videos with Kellogg’s iconic cereal mascot, Tony the Tiger navigating a grown-up world of prostitution, police violence and suicide bombers. The exhibition also explores the structures and power of the commercial world through an exceptional series of Leinonen’s sign works from 2011 – 2015.

The exhibition is open from December 2 -22, 2016 at Zetterberg Gallery.



Jani Leinonen’s widely recognized beggar sign installation Anything Helps is included in the exhibition No Man Is an Island – The Satanic Verses at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum.

The exhibition addresses the contemporary global, social and economic challenges and presents works both from the ARoS collection as well as a series of distinctive works on loan. The exhibition features carefully selected installations by a number of international artists including Andy Warhol, Ron Mueck, Elmgreen & Dragset, Tony Matelli, Bjørn Nørgaard and Shirin Neshat amongst others.

Leinonen’s Anything Helps- installation has earlier been shown at the Finnish National Gallery Kiasma in 2015, and at the Venice Biennale, Nordic Pavilion in 2009 in a smaller setup curated by Elmgreen & Dragset.

The exhibition was conceived after an idea by Erlend G. Høyersten and is co-curated by Erik Nørager Pedersen and Pernille Taagaard Dinesen.

The exhibition is open from September 3, 2016 – January 7, 2018
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Art in the Park showcases works of different notable post-modern and contemporary artists each year, and the focus of 2016 is on Finnish artist Jani Leinonen, who’s sculptures will fill the garden of the Baur au Lac hotel in Zurich this Summer. Previously Art in the Park has presented works by masters like Allen Jones, Yves Klein, Joan Miró, Fernando Botero and Robert Indiana amongst other.

Art in the Park was created in 2007 by Gigi Kracht, wife of the sixth-generation owner of Baur au Lac, Andrea Kracht, and takes place in the hotel’s verdant garden along the shores of Lake Zurich. Art in the Park is curated in collaboration with Galerie Gmurzynska.

The exhibition opens in June 2016.

Jani Leinonen is included in a group exhibition called Enslaved or Free? at Zetterberg Gallery. The exhibition presents works by Jani Leinonen, Jiri Geller, Aurora Reinhard, Mari Keto, Sampsa and Joonas Kota.

Enslaved or Free? is open from January 29 – March 6, 2016.
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Jani Leinonen - Trix Bunny Crucified, 2015

Jani Leinonen’s widely recognized solo exhibition School of Disobedience will continue from the Finnish Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma to ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Denmark in March 2016.

Leinonen’s exhibition is part of ARoS Focus/New Nordic program and is open from March 19th – June 12th 2016.

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Jani Leinonen / The Most Terrible Things, 2015 / Acrylic on polystyrene / 920 x 391 x 40 cm


Jani Leinonen’s latest project Tony is Back! has angered multinational food manufacturer Kellogg’s.

Two weeks ago Leinonen anonymously launched his campaign releasing a series of commercial-like videos of Kellogg’s character Tony the Tiger navigating a grown-up world of prostitution, police violence and suicide bombers. Just as in the commercials shown widely on television 30 years ago, the Tony is Back! campaign shows the animated cereal icon helping people solve their problems with a bowl of Frosted Flakes.

Kellogg’s was not happy with the unauthorised use of their brand’s advertising mascot and shut down the campaign’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites in just 12 hours.

A kellogg’s spokesperson responded to Huffington Post in an email: “As a company grounded in the values of integrity and respect, we recognize people’s right to creative expression,” but. “… Tony is a beloved icon and we will protect the integrity of our brands and our characters.” – Huffington Post

The Tony is Back! videos has already reached over 2 million views on Youtube and can still bee seen here or at the campaigns official website

Leinonen says the videos are only the beginning of something much bigger. His next project is a movie called The Mascots – a documentary film about corporate mascots – starring Tony the Tiger.

“We are looking for people who have worked as mascots for global firms in the past. A few have already signed on and they’ve had some entertaining stories to tell about the companies in question and their ways of operating,” he says.

The film will be realized through crowdsourcing and crowdfunding and is estimated to be ready in 2016.

Read the press release for the the Tony is Back! campaign:
Press release: The man behind Tony is Back! campaign comes clean!


Jani Leinonen is included in Arts & Foods. Rituals since 1851, an exhibition curated by Germano Celant, held at the Triennale in Milan from April 9 to November 1, 2015.

The exhibition follows the topic of food though its preparation, distribution and sharing, in both the private and public spheres. More than 15 spaces host the exhibition dedicated to the places of food and its representation in paintings, furniture, objects, sculptures, appliances, photographs, menus, books and record covers.

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Jani Leinonen’s School of Disobedience – exhibition is now open for the public at the Finnish Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma.

The School of Disobedience is not only a real school, but a metaphor for the entire exhibition, which also is a retrospective of Leinonen’s work to date. Visitors are treated as students, receiving lessons from the more than 100 works on view or through workshops that encourage to civil disobedience. To the the school’s workshops Leinonen has invited experienced activists and opinion leaders to teach people how to effectively confront and solve any social problem. The workshops will include, for example, lessons on social movement formation (Li Andersson), media criticism (Riku Rantala and Tuomas Milonoff), music as a tool for revolution (Paleface), and social media to critique big-name corporations (Sampsa). All the classes will focus on social media as a key tool for mobilising people.

Leinonen’s School of Disobedience has received worldwide media attention and the exhibition will continue from Helsinki to ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Denmark in the spring of 2016.

The School of Disobedience is open from September 4, 2015 – January 31, 2016


Jani Leinonen is included in world-renowned street artist Banksy’s latest project called “Dismaland Bemusement Park” in Weston-super-Mare, UK.

The exhibition opening August 22, 2015 is described as “a festival of art, amusements and entry-level anarchism” and features works by 58 handpicked artists from around the world including a never-before-seen collection of Banksy satirical art and sculpture as well as works by artists such as Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer, and Jimmy Cauty.

It’s a showcase for the best artists I could imagine, apart from the two who turned me down.” – Banksy

Dismaland is open daily from August 22 to September 27 from 11am – 11pm.
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