An interview with the theater director and screenwriter Juha Jokela After a long time of being afraid of those dark rooms Juha Jokela, director and screenwriter, made me realize how an amazing form of art theater is. I was stunned by his brilliant and timely social commentary, and the thoughts his plays… Read more


What happened to utopias? Not even the candidates in beauty contests hope for the world peace and equality anymore. What happened to the high ideals and noble dreams? Not that long ago when I was a kid we were taught that it would be admirable have high ideals. We were told that perhaps… Read more

  AN INTERVIEW WITH MY BEST FRIEND, ARTIST, FAMILY MAN AND DISSIDENT RIIKO SAKKINEN I got inspired to make this interview after giving an interview to a blog of a finnish art collector ( When proof reading the blog I realized I had talked a lot about Riiko Sakkinen. Riiko is my best friend, greatest… Read more

About a year ago I met a man called Saul Schubak at a party in Taka-Töölö, Helsinki. Due to his recent Facebook statement about the poor as the “weaker substance” he had just been fired from his position as the president of the youth organization of the National Coalition Party. National Coalition Party is… Read more

Riiko and I are curating Homelessness Fair which will open next month at Hyvinkää Art Museum, Finland. For the catalog, published as a supplement of Iso Numero, the Finnish version of the Big Issue magazine, we wrote this short text about the event and the purpose of art.   Mission of Art The… Read more

Riiko and I are curating an exhibition called the Homelessness Fair for Hyvinkää Art Museum this summer. We have invited tens of civic organizations working with homelessness. Our idea is a counterpoint to the Housing Fair that’s held in Hyvinkää 12.7–11.8.2013, that focuses on housing technology, environmental issues and the stylishness of interior decoration without… Read more

Last Sunday I had a speech at the IHME contemporary art festival, at the IHME marathon night, which included 13 artists speaking about their work. Each had a strict 13 minute time limit, guarded by the host Jonni Roos. I was the last speaker. While watching everyone else showing their hi tech presentations about amazing… Read more

My favorite Finnish rap artist, Paleface, and a rapper from LA called MC Matre released an amazing record called Food for the Gods. The record mixes Finnish and English in one socialist whole. I went to see the record release concert 1.3.2013 – also the start of their Finland tour – and was… Read more

Every week I keep getting these email invitations from odd galleries and cultural producers who are excited to invite me to apply to show my works in their galleries. There’s always something in the letters that make them seem like the Nigerian scams. They always include a degree of posturing as important and… Read more

Here is the translated food manifesto that Food Liberarion Army (FLA) presented at Lens Politica film festival last November. It gives you all the arguments to join FLA. THIS IS FLA’S FOOD MANIFESTO If you have forgotten who we are, let me remind you first. As citizens we had lost our faith in the… Read more